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Transaction for Transformation: Ananya's Social Performance Report 2020-21

Ananya has been a proactive impact lender since its inception. We have contributed every possible resource in creating an impact on the unbanked and underserved population with a special focus on women in India. With more than a million women borrowers served, it becomes evident for the organization to establish a standardized approach towards measuring and monitoring the impact we create in society.

The SPM Report for the year 2020-21 is our first step towards reporting and analyzing our social performance and impact. It is an attempt by the organization to keep our stakeholders updated with the social performance aspects of Ananya. The report is also an effort towards impact-driven business decision-making. Moreover, the report will also serve as a crucial constituent in communicating our impact to impact-driven institutions across the world to foster impact-driven collaboration.

An insurmountable amount of effort has been put into developing the report and establishing a formal SPM department at Ananya. We would like to thank Ms. Haruna Tanaka and Ms. Cheriel Neo from Gojo and Co. who were resourceful in producing Ananya’s SPI4 audit report. We also would like to thank all the employees of Ananya, partner institutions and institutional borrowers who proactively participated in commencing the social performance monitoring and management journey of Ananya. Sincere gratitude to our board members and senior industry experts associated with Ananya for supporting our SPM initiative.

We would like to sincerely thank Mr. Nagendra Rajawat who mentored Ananya’s SPM department in publishing the SPM report. We would like to present our sincere gratitude to Mr. Avi Jain, the SPM and Development Communications manager of Ananya who experimented with new avenues of social performance management for Ananya. He conducted research and assessments with our stakeholders for the SPM report. He also undertook the responsibility of preparing and designing the report.

At last, we would like to thank everyone who have been associated with Ananya for supporting us in creating a reasonable impact in the development space. We pledge to continue our efforts in making this world a better place by empowering the underserved population of India with beneficial financial products and services.

The Social Performance Report 2020-21 can be accessed here:

SPM Report Ananya 2020-21
Download PDF • 6.02MB


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