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Ananya has been an active impact lender and a proactive catalyst for more than a decade in the inclusive economic development of underbanked and unbanked population of India.  The core focus of lessening poverty levels of the country has led the organization venture into multiple domains associated with financial inclusion and socio-economic-environmental development of the underserved population. 

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Ananya has thrived to impact the unbanked and underserved with its financial Inclusion efforts. Our process, policies and lending methodology ensure access to appropriate financial products and services. We ensure financial access to all the sections of the society with an extra special focus on the vulnerable groups such as economic weaker sections, women and low income group. We do the same at an affordable cost and in a fair and transparent manner through mainstream institutional players. Our efforts have ensured availability of timely, adequate and transparent credit from formal MFI channels empowering the entrepreneurial spirit of the unbanked masses to increase outputs and prosperity in both rural and urban areas. Our efforts in the financial inclusion space have opened the doors of formal financial facilities to the low income and unbanked populace who, presently, are forced to use all kinds of informal and costly ways of borrowing money. Ananya has impacted more than 1 million women borrowers in the microfinance space. 

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Access to finance is among one of the major challenges for the Indian farm sector. According to the government’s data, barely 60% of Indian farmers have access to bank finance and this figure is even lower at 15% for small and marginal farmers. It is estimated that only 30 percent of the total agriculture demand in India is met by institutional credit. Ananya has identified the gap as a major hindrance to all round socio-economic development of the country. Hence, Ananya has a dedicated Agrifinance portfolio dealing with agriculture and allied activities. Ananya has impacted more than 47000 farmers and more than 100 FPOs and Agri-SMEs with proper formal institutional credit and thrives to expand its services concerning every facet of agriculture and farm development. 

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Impact SMEs are the future of sustainable economic growth of India and the world. As an impact investor in India, Ananya has realized the importance of sustainable finance. Ananya has a dedicated green finance portfolio for funding and financially empowering green and impact SMEs that deals in sustainable and green business. Ananya is expanding its interests in the field of green finance and envisions to be an active impact lender in sustainable finance. We have also designed policies and programmes to enroll, mentor and finance impact SMEs who are otherwise missed by the mainstream commercial banks. Realizing the importance, Ananya also did a USAID- Rabobank Foundation Project where we established loan portfolio guarantee support to the extent of 51%, on the loans which have positive impact on forestry and sustainable landscape. We have successfully facilitated establishing an Agro-forestry and sustainable landscapes portfolio aggregating to USD 3 million. 

Green Financing



Digital financial inclusion is the term that describes the impact of new technologies on the financial services industry. It includes a variety of products, applications, processes and business models that have transformed the traditional way of providing banking and financial services. Ananya identified the need of automating processes for loan approvals for the MFIs and other institutional borrowers. Hence, Ananya has developed inhouse unified technical and technological competencies  for interactive and transparent financial management. The systems are intended to reduce the turnaround time, bring transparency in the process and make the operations convenient for the borrowers. Our future research and development prospects focus on understanding the digital efficiency in the end borrowers landscape. 

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William Somerset once said, "Money is like a sixth sense - and you can't make use of the other five without it." We at Ananya believes that without other five sense you will not be able to utilize the sixth sense. Hence, we aim to empower and capacitate our borrowers and potential populace by continuously fostering partnerships for conducting capacity building programmes. The aim of our programmes is to enable the underprivileged and remote populations with necessary skills and knowledge in financial management. We further enable the population to access funds and utilize them for a greater good. Ananya had done capacity building programmes with institutions like The World Bank, International Finance Corporation, Department for International Development, USAID, Rabo Foundation, SIDBI and JSLPS. You can read more about our programmes in the impact section

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ESG Investing

     ESG AND IMPACT     

Impact investment at Ananya is not restricted to funding the unbanked and the undeserved population, but also realizing and monitoring the impact created on them. A decade long experience in the sector has induced Ananya to establish a SPM department to continuously monitor and manage impact created with our funds. Being an active impact lender, we assume the responsibility of creating better tools and processes for overall impact and social performance management in the impact investment space. Our SPM department is engaged in developing tools and conducting research that can aid the impact investment landscape of India and the world. We are in the process of developing our inhouse ESG compliance tool, Ananya's Behavioural Intelligence Tool based on universal guidelines and social impact methods.

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